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Return and refund policy


You have the right to return the product you bought, if it is in excellent condition and to replace it in size or in any other product code you wish, within 14 days from the date of receipt.

In case the consumer wants to change to another product which is at a lower price, no refund is made, but a voucher is given where it can be redeemed in a future purchase.

The change of your order is done with a charge of 5 euros in the shipping costs (within Greece) by General Post courier.

In case of refund, a deduction of 10 euros will be deducted from your deposit, 5 euros for shipping and another 5 for the return of the product.

Refunds are made only through ALPHA BANK.

Call 2104851100 for collection, or go to the nearest General Post Office store

of your area:

VAINAS, Vogatsikou 8, Thessaloniki, 54622.

Tel. 2310220092.


We accept any change made within 30 days from the day of delivery of the product.

Return costs (shipping costs, taxes, etc.) and liability for the product to reach us,

they are borne by the buyer. We recommend that you send the product by post

courier provides you with a shipping certificate for your own safety.

Once we receive the product, you can re-order. Shipping costs are charged

the buyer.

Orders can also be completed via email at